God Financial System

11 June 2012
Luke 16:1-13
The only way we can get on top of money is to align with the One who is bigger than Mammon.
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Jesus tells a story that’s difficult to understand, which can suggest one or all three ideas:
1. The crook in the story was the smart guy
2. Money is a good way to get a lot of friends
3. If you gave money, when you die, you’ll have a place in heaven

Our Lord didn’t mean any of the above, but He meant to give us a lesson about how some things work. He talks about how we handle our money, and what difference it is going to make in our tomorrow.

Lessons from the Story

Our text began with “He also said to His disciples…” , which makes the previous story relevant. It was about the Prodigal Son, who wasted his father’s inheritance for him, returned in repentance, and was restored to his original position. It’s an awesome story of the love of God which forgives and receives us, no matter how we wasted what He’s given us. The two stories are related because Jesus taught about stewardship, which has to do with our lives, our influence, our skill, our time, and our money. And none of these symbolizes what we are really about at about, more than money does.

Money Symbolizes Them All

- You can’t obtain things you need without cash of credit card
- You go to work, and you receive a wage or salary
- Time (life) and money ar related
The prodigal son wasted money, was forgiven and restored. The corrupt employee went through the accounts of his boss, and by secrecy did everything he can to take advantage of the situation for his own interest.

The Point of Jesus

- The children of this world know how to milk their system for what it’s worth
- They are wiser than the children of light, who are not living in the shadow of the world’s way – but do not commit themselves to live completely in alignment with the system THAT God has ordained
- You cannot serve God and His order of government that affects your life and influence and your money – and serve the world
- Jesus calls us to apply the rule of God in our life – if we don’t, we will end up with a real problem

Principles of Money Management

The foundation of God’s financial system is the tithe. It’s the starting place of all obedience in giving.

The teaching of Jesus is (1) to confront religious people who think they can separate the practical material financial realities of life with the spiritual realities; and (2) in doing so, the Pharisees mocked Jesus talking about money (16:14) and Jesus ended by talking about their marriages (16:15-18). Jesus says, “If you don’t walk in God’s way with your money, you will probably devalue other precious things too.”

The Teaching of 16:9

“Make friends for yourselves by unrighteous mammon…”
Everything that has to do with the money system of the world is unjust. People who work the same amount of work in the same kind of job receive different wages or salaries = not equal.

Jesus didn’t say “use money right, and you’ll make a lot of friends.” He is saying, “Don’t let money become your enemy.”

“…that when you fail…” of “…when it fails…”
Money is a temporary means, because of inflation, recession, etc.
And the only way you can ever hope to get on top of money is to align with the One who is bigger than that god mammon.

“…they may receive you into an everlasting home.”
It’s not about giving or buying your way to heaven, but it’s God’s way of saying even when things don’t work around you, there’s an everlasting home that awaits you.


Discuss among homecare group members:
- How can we learn to align our financial management with God’s system?
How can we truly learn the principle of tithing, and depend on God?